Botanic to Waterside

With a nod to Stephen Connolly’s “Translink Haiku” This train she says isfor Derry Londonderrybig pause in between I leave behind herwho looks at and takes picturesof those she holds dear Above the hollow’sdark mouth a rainbow appearstoo bright to take home The train pulls intowhere someone awaits methe place with the pause Mussenden Temple […]

Note to Self

Must stop trying so hard, smiling so much, Must stop before face hurts or eyes water Must banish that Border Collie look from face, The one that hopes against hope Must go to bed earlier, do more yoga, for the Sake of mental health drink and think less Must be myself whenever I remember Her […]

Good Man

The way you Squint your eyes Furrow your forehead Make a walnut of your face Signals to me you are trying To understand whatever drips So unrelentingly from my mouth. Good man, you run the long distance Navigating much loneliness. And I guess that trying so hard must But shouldn’t have to qualify as Love, […]


On attending Space, Place and Obligation, Maynooth University, Sept. 2018 The week I started reading Greer’s The Female Eunuch was also the week I listened to artists speak about their craft and their craft’s groundedness in the places they inhabit; oftentimes uneasy places, conflicted, elusive, un-arrived at. And why not, given their preoccupation was with […]


The kiss you blew me across the table as you got up to leave I’d like to think I caught it: It wouldn’t do for it to hover, aimless, still much desired and unforgotten

Don’t Be Scared

This here is all there is. This running for trains, this waiting for texts, this looking for words. Have faith in those that cross your path, or else get a dog and admire his effortless happiness. Take him for walks and throw him sticks and marvel at his capacity for retrieval. Rejoice in his simple […]

Ancestral Letters

When exactly was it I put up my hand and volunteered to be the keeper of these things: Boxes of letters and photographs and folders of documents and passports accumulating beneath the bed and at the back of the wardrobe for no reason other that no one else would take them. What was it made […]